PrivSec London agenda will release its first edition in August, however, the subjects and topics below will be included and covered at the event. 

PrivSec London will feature over 100 hours of content over two-days in the form of solo presentations, panel discussions, case studies, debates, workshops and roundtables. 


  • Cybersecurity as the means to prevent customer disloyalty

  • Cloud, compliance and cyber threats

  • Are CEO’s the weakest link?

  • Building a secure environment based on a culture of trust

  • Cyber recovery

  • Digital asset management

  • Impact of new regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

  • Collaborative problem-solving case-studies to achieve data-centric security

  • Mitigating cyber risks - What others are doing to defend against the next attack

  • Governance, Risk, Control, & Compliance

  • Creating a culture where information and systems are protected

  • A preventative rather than reactive approach to security issues

  • Why a privacy program is dependent upon a security program

  • Emerging trends on data privacy management

  • Data Breach Management – Requirements and Best Practices 

  • Technology Digital Disruption & Artificial Intelligence

  • Techniques to engage stakeholders

  • Data breach, incident response policy, and procedures

  • Vendor management guidelines, vendor standards, and due diligence

  • Business Challenges Over Rights to Erasure & Threats to AI

  • Back up as a service to support information resilience

  • ·De-Identification, Anonymization, and Pseudonymization

  • What does privacy enforcement look like

  • Incident Response Process & Procedures

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